The dark primordial river of wild male shakti has nothing to do with the distorted masculine we see at large in the world today – true male shakti is very, very wild and powerful. Very strong and playful. Very direct and penetrating. It serves only Love. Many men have never given themselves permission to access this side of their being.

Pure male shakti energy comes from the deepest root of a man’s being, flowing in a a very free and relaxed way, with nothing to prove. This is the essence of a power that can bring down civilizations, it can fight to the death for love, it can live only for love, it can bring a woman into her wildest, deepest pleasure. The world is terrified of this transformational energy.

Male shakti is expressed directly in the world. It is the warrior energy that can inspire humanity to rise up off its knees and incite change in radical ways. This wild male shakti can ONLY ever come into being through an open heart and full connection with the feminine. That is why what we see in the world at the moment is a negative shadow of this energy – the power to manifest creations that are ultimately destructive or disharmonious. It is not so much that men are frightened to embody this energy, they just don’t know how to.

Men have been deliberately guided away from this energy, or its secrets have been hidden to them. In the very depth of their beings they’ve always desired and searched for it, but have been led in the wrong direction – misled onto paths of separation from the feminine and separation from love.

The full expression of this wild masculine sexual energy needs a very powerful, open, wild womb to receive it – a ‘Magdalene’ Womb. When the wild feminine rebirths the wild masculine, and when men claim the full magnificence of their loving power, a New Earth is birthed.

~ Azra Bertrand