What You Need To Know Before You Begin:

Please take care to read all of the points below, then, read them again! Before you consider laying out a curse, please, know all of these points like the back of your hand.

These points will tell you if you should even be considering a curse at all. If they do tell you to go ahead, then they have the power to arm and protect you when you do.

*remember, this is my method and how I was taught. I am sure that there are many other ways of doing this.


1.)  Never try out a curse for a joke. You will not like what happens!

2.)  Ignore the small harms and slights that befall you; we all have the same types of things happen. Curse when you only truly deserve a resolution, and you have tried all other means.

3.)  Never cast a curse on someone who is innocent. Never curse someone who might be innocent. Wait to see if they are truly guilty or not. If you cannot cast a curse without collateral damage, don’t curse. Wait until the enemy becomes an unobstructed target.

4.)  Curse only when your cause is just and true. Remember, you are NOT always the best judge of what is just, who has wronged you, or what you are owed.

5.)  Exhaust all other options first. Try appeals, mitigation, arbitration, assertive communication, and compromise. Should you jump right to the curse first, you will regret it.

Why put a curse on someone? Well, why not? You have tried everything else, haven’t you? You’ve asked nicely, been patient, willing to compromise. Now, from being so reasonable, you are feeling like a pushover. Now, you have been shut down and shut out altogether. So, try a curse. Much cheaper than a lawsuit and much more civilized and legal than punching someone in the face, and you won’t have to explain a curse to the police.

There are lots of paths with lots of curses out there, but in reality, there tend to be a basic four that we work with.


The Revenge Curse

When you’ve been stabbed in the back, nothing else will really do, now will it? But remember this: Betrayals are, unfortunately, pretty common, so pick your battles wisely. Not everything calls for a curse. You must know when to walk away.

The Warning Curse

Use this is ward off a betrayal coming down the line.

The Binding Curse

Also can be called a neutralizing curse, it ends stalemates, wears down enemies, gets you noticed, and gets your calls returned. Whenever possible, choose a binding curse over a revenge curse. In the dark art of malediction, less is usually more. Binding spells are much softer and gentler and defiantly much more idiot-proof than revenge curses, and will usually leave you feeling better about yourself the next morning.

The Repudiation Curse

This will guard you from organized harm. Use it against institutions that mislead or hurt people.

Do I need animals to sacrifice when I curse?

You don’t need goats or chickens to sacrifice, most ingredients for a curse are very commonplace, and you already own them.

Will It Work?

It will if you believe it will, and if you follow the rules that I posted above. Just like with any type of spell craft, you must believe, have the will, and be focused for the curse to manifest. Remember, however, that doing nothing can sometimes turn out to be the best thing that you can do. Not every problem can be solved, nor does every problem need to be solved. Many battles are not worth fighting, so why allow the stress poison you? Choose your battles wisely! *”One of the most time consuming things is to have an enemy,” said E.B. White, you know, the guy that wrote Charlotte’s Web. Cursing should not make you bitter, nor should you be obsessed with the outcome. If you are, you will not get the desired result. Step back, let the curse work, no fussing, no monitoring and no touchups. Like with other spell work, walk away from the cast and forget about it. Your curse will work in time.

Is Cursing Ethical?

As for me, the methods that I am sharing here are karmically and ethically sound. Yet, I did say for me. Also, what I will be sharing is not complete, so please, do your own work when cursing. Again, you will get tired of hearing me say this, make sure that you deserve the remedy that you are asking for! Have you truly been harmed by this institution or person, or have you instead been hurt by the events and not truly harmed? Is it your pride or something else that you are trying to redeem with a curse. Do some self searching as well. Often, we may thing that the harm has come from the outside, when in reality, we brought it on ourselves. Remember the bottom line, if you aim a curse at an innocent, your curse is not ethical and it will be dangerous to you!

I Have A Legitimate Complaint And A Curse Is Ethical, How Soon Can I Cast It?

That will depend on that type of curse you choose to use. A warning curse should be cast just as soon as you sense a threat that is coming at you. Don’t even wait to know for sure. Yes, I know, this sounds contradictive to what I wrote above, but if you do turn out to be wrong, the warning will only glance off the intended target and will not come back on you. Do not be too hasty to cast a revenge curse. Revenge curses can really cause harm to the intended target and you don’t want to use it on someone without being absolutely sure that they deserve it. You also want to make sure you have taken every other step possible to resolve the problem. Don’t take binding or repudiation curses lightly. They have power and can have repercussions on you. Again, make sure you are not casting against an innocent. Never cast any curse casually or as a joke/experiment, or when there is plenty of time to wait and see what happens by itself.

Is There Anyone I Shouldn’t Curse?

Yes, innocent people. Never curse anyone that is not responsible for your trouble. Never cast a curse on someone near and dear to your enemy in order to hurt them vicariously. Never curse yourself, unless it is a self-help “self-curse” that will rid you of a bad habit.

Never curse a child or an animal. Do not curse anyone that is sick. If you do decide to curse a loved one that has wronged you, consider the future first. Do you want to lose that person forever? Lay that curse, and I you most assuredly will.

Can I Curse People I Don’t Know or Can I Curse Institutions Or Groups That Have Hurt Me?

Yes and Yes. Stay away from institutions like the IRS, FBI, NSA, ICE and CIA if you really know what is good for you, or unless they have really, really, really harmed your or harmed your family. (This is a good time to consider a repudiation curse if you like. You are sheltered there.) Whatever you do, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT curse innocent people at the institution. Focus only on who is tormenting you or your family. Find this out before you start, or curse only the people at the top. Again, do what ever it takes to NEVER curse an innocent person.

What If My Curse Comes Back On Me?

This is certainly a common worry for everyone, at one time or another. You do not need to worry. Before embarking on your journey of revenge, Confucius had this to say, dig two graves. I believe he was only partly right. To protect yourself, just follow the rules above. They are not hard to learn or to adhere to. Commit them to memory, know them as a friend. Follow them to every letter, do not vary. If you skip over them, cherry pick them, or change them, you will do so at your own peril and at your own energetic danger level.

What I have found is this, when I stick to the rules, sometimes I find a better solution to the problem at hand. In this way, I find a much more pleasant resolution to the situation. This is always better than utilizing a curse, wouldn’t you say? But when a curse truly is needed and is warranted, follow the rules!

What If Someone Is Innocent When I Curse, And I Didn’t Know? Will The Curse Boomerang?

Make every effort to insure that the person you are cursing is not innocent in the situation. This comes back to not being the best judge of your own situation. Ask others. Do not ask those that will just tell you what you want to hear, truly ask others for what they see. Remember, accidents do happen. In the case that you were honest about your endeavor of finding the guilty party, you adhered to the rules, and yet you cursed an innocent person, the curse may not ‘take’, you can hope and attempt to visualize this, but you won’t know for sure if you have been heard and more to the point, if luck was on your side.

If you have done your homework beforehand, the curse usually will not revert back to you, but you won’t know that right away either. The very best thing to do, and what has worked for others I know in the past, is to do nothing. Do not talk about it to anyone, be contrite. I will cover this little problem later on in this series.

Does A Curse Have A Statute of Limitations, How Long Does It Last?

This question truly depends on the curse you throw. Some can be short, some can last centuries, and even other’s will not end until the enemy is dead…and who knows for sure if the curse actually ends at death. Some will lose power over time, and fade away somewhere in the middle, usually closer to the short end of the spectrum. When casting, just specify the length of time you wish the curse to last. The life of the curse should specified in your incantation, just like in any other spell, be specific!

WARNING: think long and hard before laying a curse that will last forever, or even a very long time. There is some truth to you reap what you sew. Very few things in life deserve a forever curse. Think this through very very carefully.

Does My Victim Have To Hear My Curse To Make It Work? Do They At Least Have To Know About It?

No, and no. The cursee will not know that they have been hit with a curse in the first place; they will just consider it a bad case of flu, or a bad patch, or a bad life. You shouldn’t tell him either. There are exceptions to that, but we will discuss that on a curse by curse basis. You shouldn’t tell them either, resist the urge to tell anyone, actually (unless of course, this is group work when the curse is laid). Remember, you should tell no one when laying a curse, or tell anyone that you already have. Cursing is a lonely art.

What Curses Won’t I Find Here?

It has been a very long time since the dark ages, and these days, we can settle our differences with gentle versions of the ancient maledictive curses that we know of. That means, you won’t find ways to wither crops, sicken livestock, or dry up their milk ( or harm any animal at all, and remember, you should never curse an animal in the first place).

SICKO SPOILER ALERT!!! You will not find any information in this series of posts of how to do away with anything or anyone. Nothing that I will write to you will bring on death. We will not discuss summoning Lucifer, Devil, Dark Spirit, etc. You cannot disfigure, age your kids’ bullies and tormentors, you cannot make a pregnant woman miscarry, or make houses catch fire. Well, you can, but I won’t tell you how.

We no longer settle our differences by killing people or blighting their crops. Remember, people can be bothered by a myriad of things, not just financial or health related. If you do your homework, you will find that sore spot, the little place, that when poked, can bring on a big reaction. Remember, you aren’t trying to kill or harm for fun, this should only be done when the situation does warrant a curse.

So, What Will I Find Here?

You will find curses and incantation on how to sour and spoil milk; peel paint; shatter china; split seams, zippers, and bra straps; make pants drop; and other such things. Just because these curses do not cause death or destruction, do not underestimate their power. Remember, these curses are also ancient, existing side by side with the kind that could drop people dead in their tracks.

You will not find here anything to help you deal with getting rid of what I call ‘life’. You know, those things that you have to deal with, that require pulling up the big kid panties. You shouldn’t be cursing the guy that cuts you off in traffic, but the guy that speeds off from the scene of an accident, well, I will leave that decision up to you!

I must say one more thing about the modern adaptations of the ancient curses, the intent is the same but the punch is lighter, and often, so are the materials needed to curse. Many curses utilized blood, urine, or other bodily fluids when utilizing the elementals in their work. You have heard of blood magick, right? When ever you see wine, sherry, or stale beer for example, you may substitute with any bodily fluid that you see fit. This will make your curse more powerful and have more longevity. Think about what you are doing before you substitute with fluids,, and make sure that is where you want to go. Substitutions are always allowed, your choice!

Final word of caution: Spirits can be tricky to work with. Since you probably do not have a relationship with the spirits and entities I utilize in my work, I will limit spirit invocation here to a very few easy going type of curses. The ancients, of course, called up darker and more dazzling spirits, but that also means more dangerous as well. I am not going to cover that here. I mean, for goddess sake, how would you explain it to the ER doctor and the police?