A spell, or ritual, you could perform to honor and utilize the powerful forces of change.

You will need:
* A piece of black paper
* A piece of white paper
* A pen
* A feather
* A piece of ribbon
* A small fabric pouch
*Any nuts, seeds or dried flower heads
*A large pillar candle, representing the Goddess
* A white candle
* Cedarwood incense
* Water
* Salt
Cast a circle around yourself, to create a peaceful, safe space, free from interruption. You may work on the floor or around your altar. Working outside, somewhere in nature would be ideal but if this is not possible, don’t worry. Ensure you won’t be disturbed – this ritual requires quiet reflection.

Each corresponding tool above should be placed in the right ‘corner’ of your circle. North (Earth) should hold the salt; West (Water) should hold the water; South (Fire) should hold the candle and East (Air) should hold the incense. As you place the item in each corner, visualize the element you are calling and invite them respectfully to your circle.

Within your circle, quietly meditate whilst focussing on the Goddess candle. Visualize changes you wish to come to be in your life and yourself; imagine any traits, doubts, worries or fears you wish to let go and bring to mind any positive alterations and outcomes you want to achieve. Ask the Goddess to help you in making these wishes become reality.

Keeping these visualizations clearly in mind, write on the black piece of paper all the things you wish to stop or cast away. Once you have finished, wrap this around the feather and tie with the ribbon. In turn, take the bundle to each of the elemental corners and politely ask the elements to guide your fears and negative behaviors away from you. Sprinkle the bundle with salt and water; move it gently it through incense and flame.

On the white piece of paper, write down all the things you wish to grow, nurture and achieve. Once you have finished, fold this piece of paper tightly and place inside the fabric bag with the nuts, seeds or flowers. Again, ask the elements for their assistance in ensuring your hopes come into fruition.

Close the circle, thanking each element for their help. You will now need to move outdoors – somewhere as undisturbed and natural as possible.

Your black piece of paper, tied to its feather needs to be cast away. If you are lucky enough to live by the sea or a river – even a little stream – these are perfect. Those of you who live in a more urban setting will need to be a bit more creative: think of ways the feather can be carried away on water or wind. It must not be allowed to stagnate near you any longer.

Your little pouch, containing the seeds and your white piece of paper, should be buried – somewhere where your dreams can ‘grow’ into fruition: beneath a strong tree would be perfect. Pour your ‘seeds’ into the soil and imagine them growing as strong and tall as the tree. Gently tie the pouch or a spare ribbon to the tree as an offering of thanks. Try to return to the spot through the year to ‘water’ your seeds with good intentions.