I am a Witch
I am who I am
My Path is Shadowed
It is neither black, nor white.
Yet it is both
Between the worlds I walk
I am of the Earth
Yet, I am of above, and below
I am a Witch
To myself I am true
I am my word, and my word I am
I gather as I need, and release what I don’t
I lift my chalice, I lift my dagger
I am feminine, and I am masculine
I am spirit, I am breath, I am fire, I am water, I am earth.
At the crossroads I am found
For I am of Her who lights the path
Queen of Witches, Magick, and sorcery
My oath I have sworn to Her alone
The gray path I walk
Balance of dark, and the light
Embracing the positive, and the negatives
The chaos and the calms
Death, and rebirth
The lunar path
Of light
And Night
Of New and Old
Maiden, Mother, and Crone
Powers of old I evoke
To aide me on my magickal way
Blessings come from blessings sent
Justice be to others who do others harm
With the fools I do not spend
From the Wise I will always learn
As I will so it is
I am a Gray Witch
This is my Creed.

*I did not write this. It was shared in a group I am in. There was no credit for an author, but it was beautiful so I wanted to blog it.*