We as witches believe that we are able to control and manipulate energy to cause a certain effect, through spell work and sometimes mere thought. We see proof of this when we think and focus on one thing, things begin to happen in a way that causes that thought or desire to begin to happen. Humans do this all the time. Its called Drive, the drive to succeed to an end.

Recently I stumbled on an article that summarized a theory that the matter that comprises sub-atomic particles isnt actually matter at all. Sure you have bosons, gluons, quarks and all that, but what makes up those? Surprisingly it was Vortices of either raw energy, or something even smaller, and what about the space between those particles? What occupies that space. Classical Physics tells us that matter is comprised of solid objects, but Quantum Physics tells us that there is a vaccum (literal nothingness) between electrons and their counterparts in their nucleus. What is the force that keeps an atom together?

Everyone has heard of Aether. People have used the term, or some derivitave of that term for ages. If physics says that something must be made up of something, then what is it? We as mages are actually putting forth the thought to command this aether. Perhaps this aether is then made up of something?

An excerpt from Frank Menos’ paper “Real Physics”:

“The ancient Greek thinkers, and particularly Plato, have determined that we have
basically to deal with two things, namely
substance, and form. Without a substance there is no existence, and we cannot deal with something that does not exist. As sensible as this reasoning is, most of today’s physical theories are based on mathematical concepts in void multidimensional spaces without specifying a substance.

Once it is assumed that a substance exists, then one can inquire about its form. The
Greeks concluded that the substance must consist of a multitude of movable parts, which
they called atomos, meaning that these parts cannot be cut into smaller pieces. Namely, if
these basic parts of substance could break into smaller pieces, then, in time, they would grind themselves into parts with different sizes and forms, causing the universe to change
its properties, possibly something non-functional. Since the Greek philosophers did not
engage themselves in manual labor, they did not perform experiments to substantiate
their conjectures. Consequently, they ended up making some mistakes in their reasoning”

From here, we all know that “atoms” were discovered. Then, using the aforementioned reasoning, something must make up the particles that make up sub-atomic particles. Meno proposes that in the aether there are what he calls Gyrons. I quote again:

“Energy consists of moving gyrons. The universe is filled with these gyrons, that move on the average with the speed of light in all directions, while colliding with each other. We can call such a substance gaseous gyron-aether.”


Imagine if you will a vortex inside a quark that actually gives the quark its mass. That vortex is made up of these gyrons. It is this that gives the quark its charge, thereby giving the particle its charge. When multiplied with all the other vorteces, plus the electromagnetic charge, atoms are themselves vorteces. Theoretically we are all slow moving vorteces

Basically, everything in the universe is made up of these gyrons! Thereby explaining sound waves, radio waves, light waves, brain waves that travel through space. He does not mention any sort of dark or anti-gyrons, but the possibility is there. Essentially Meno is saying that even energy is made up of these gyrons crashing into each other, much like we were taught that atoms crashing into each other is basically a chemical reaction, or an audible sound.

Perhaps this is what drives magick…

It is possible that through focused thought, that we can change how these gyrons react? Perhaps we are actually projecting a yet undiscovered vibration into the cosmos, through these sub-sub-sub-sub-atomic particles. Maybe the empaths among us are sensitive to the emotion vibration, the strong willed are able to move these particles easier than others. We, as witches, can manipulate the Universal Vortex if we so choose to or need to.


I say possible because there really is no way to prove it. We can all site personal observations, but science hasnt even found a way to prove that something like this exists… yet. It does make sense though that something like this could exist, and that we are merely holograms. That we are really all made up of vibrations of something so minute that there is no way for us to detect the source of the vibration. Gyron is merely a name for this particle. We witches could be a catalyst that helps to manipulate gyrons to the way they are supposed to go, therefore bring balance to the Verse.

Tiara Martin