Wedding Memories

Lindsey and Chris will have a lot to remember from their wedding. It was a wonderful fun filled event with friends and family.

Rain caused the wedding to have to move into a very small living room instead of being in a back yard. The rain was so heavy on Tuesday that there was no way to utilize the rain at all during the wedding.

The home is beautiful, but no one was prepared an hour before the ceremony to move inside. I found myself woefully lacking in what I needed to shoot in the light that the living room provided.

The wedding photos will be traditional black and white due to lighting, and the photos are much prettier and elegant in B&W vs. color.

The bride was very happy with this shot…I am glad.

Do not think I went unprepared, that isn’t the case. Since I am not rich, I rent lenses for events and the lenses were rented planning on a wide and long backyard overlooking the city. The lenses would not work in the house, so I had to improvise. This was frustrating however, the shots did work and many are beautiful!

Thank you Lindsey and Chris.