Wedding Photography

Shooting weddings can be tricky. My number one tip is to communicate with the bride and the groom. This serves me well. Without that communication your shooting can be all over the place.

You are not expected to know who everyone is, so find out! Take the time to make your couple happy. Remember, your style is your style, but in editing you can make allowances for what the bride and the groom are interested in.

I shoot many weddings that are B&W only. Many people like that classic look. Sepia is also popular. What does your couple want?

Always pay attention to small details and shoot everything you can think of. You will not always know when the table clothe on the cake table was the brides Great Grandmas.

Have fun at your wedding shoot, remember that day isn’t about you, and stay as invisible as possible. You are the help, not a guest. How would you want a photographer to act at your event?

Well, that is all I have for today. Hope some of it makes sense…

Oh, spend time looking at other wedding photographers work. Find ideas and styles that compliment your style…then create some art and memories!